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Non-accredited training (or learning) refers to structured learning, that does not lead to a qualification within the Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF). It includes non-accredited workplace training, that is, training that does not lead to a recognised qualification.

Some examples of types of non-formal courses include:

  • Work-related courses (e.g. anti-money laundering, workplace induction, verification of competency)
  • Hobby and recreation courses (e.g., languages, pole dancing)
  • Personal enrichment courses (e.g. personal development, instruction skills, public speaking)

NCA Training offers a number of non-accredited programs, including educational or training activities, seminars, courses and short programs.

  • Non-accredited programs do not require AQF approval.
  • Non-accredited programs will not attract credit towards awards but may provide an increase in skills, knowledge and application in the work or home environment
  • Participants in non-accredited programs will not receive an award as recognition of completion.
  • The administration of non-accredited programs is carried out by the RTO offering the  program.
  • The RTO will issue a statement of attendance/completion to participants on completion of the non-accredited program.

NCA Training can conduct training courses at your facility under the following requirements:

  • Minimum 8 participants
  • Maximum 20 participants (conditions apply)
  • Suitable room for theory component
  • Suitable area for practical component (risk assessment and site inspection conducted)

** Additional charges may occur for travel outside of Northern Rivers area

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