Mediation Services

Serge Killingbeck – Analyst & Mediator

NCA can now offer a facilitative mediation service. Serge Killingbeck is an NMAS Accredited Mediator and a Professional member of Resolution Institute (PRI).


Serge Killingbeck is a Professional member of the Resolution Institute.

We can assist in mediating disputes concerning the workplace and employment, contractual matters, neighbourhood disputes, local government and planning matters, government agencies and community matters. However, we are not accredited to mediate in family disputes and family property settlement.

As the name suggests, facilitative mediation involves the mediator facilitating an environment in which participants can develop their own solutions. The goal is to help participants to come to an understanding of each other’s interests and reach a durable agreement in a safe environment.

Facilitative mediation is not a legal process, although the requirement to mediate can arise through contractual terms or at the direction of a court. Accordingly, mediators do not provide legal advice but may assist in developing certain terms of an agreement.